Omar Diab

I convert business needs into designs and technical strategy, and align engineers to produce world-class products.

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering20212023

A whitelabel platform that powers the operations of major Employer of Record global payroll companies, from sales pipeline to payroll to invoicing. I designed the initial product concept, and built a team that implemented and successfully deployed it at scale at multiple companies. Acquired 2023.

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering20182021

The easiest and most efficient way to donate to any U.S. nonprofit. I helped research issues in philanthropy, and built the core of the app. By the time I departed, it was facilitating tens of millions of dollars in donations yearly. Still running!

Full-Stack Engineer20142017

Single sign-on and simple APIs to query fragmented student databases. I implemented Clever Badges, allowing young children to access education tech at school. Majority U.S. public school market share and powers millions of student logins daily. Acquired 2021.