Portrait of Omar Diab

Hi, I’m Omar Diab

I design simple, powerful, and maintainable products and build teams to ensure their success.

Work History

  • Every.org

    Donate to any charity and share your learnings to advance good.

    Cofounder and Head of Engineering

    Every.org is the easiest way to give to any nonprofit, and seeks to make giving a central part of everyone’s day to day lives.

    Along with being a driving force in its product and design, I trained our engineering team to become experts in our modern web development stack, allowing us to move faster, retain engineers and innovate without piling up technical debt.

  • Clever

    The most widely used single sign‑on platform for K–12 education.

    Full-Stack Software Engineer

    Omar co-implemented Clever Badges : the simplest way for young students to log into educational services. Young children have trouble remembering passwords, so Clever Badges lets them log in with QR codes instead.

    Focusing on empowering students and teachers, I built out core functionality, analyzed and maintained server capacity, and evangelized modern web-development practices, helping Clever cement its reputation as a leader in education technology.

  • Backplane

    Niche social networks with purpose.

    Backend Software Engineering Intern

    As an early backend engineer I helped build the technical infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of fans to connect with Lady Gaga on her social network Little Monsters.